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Entrepreneur Partners invests in direct marketing companies including business-to-business and business-to-consumer catalogers and direct marketers, specialty publishers, retailers and marketing service providers. 

The companies in which we invest are building loyal customer bases with high lifetime value – customer bases characterized by long relationships, frequent purchases and large cumulative spends. 

In addition to building high lifetime value, these companies participate in well-defined and established niche markets; offer products or services that are perceived consistently by the market as superior; have the potential to integrate postal mail, telemarketing, e-mail and Internet communications; have high operating leverage and high return on incremental growth capital; and, most importantly, are led by managers who aspire to even more success.

We believe that these kinds of companies have the ability to sustain above-market growth through increased market share, expanded scope and the acquisition and integration of other companies. 

Our partners include veteran private equity professionals, experienced operating executives and successful entrepreneurs who have a proven history of identifying opportunities to acquire the types of companies we have profiled.  They have diverse expertise in all areas of direct marketing including product development, merchandising, marketing and operations and have used that expertise to grow direct marketing companies under private ownership.

The depth of our relevant experience and breadth of our viewpoints enables our team to approach acquisitions with real conviction – we believe that we often see more opportunity where others see less and we perceive less risk where others perceive more.  We can contribute as engaged investors providing the management of our portfolio companies mentoring, resources and networks that help assure their success and our returns.  Because of our skills, we will consider selected opportunities to invest in companies that do not yet meet our criteria but have the potential to do so.

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